Programming Dojo in Iwakura, Aichi, Japan

CoderDojo Owari is programming dojo organized by an independent volunteer group of people live around Iwakura, Aichi, Japan verified by CoderDojo Foundation.

We hold monthly dojo session at Iwakura Shogai Gakushu Center (いわくらししょうがいがくしゅうセンター / 岩倉市生涯学習センター).

Some members are fluent in English. If you're English speaker, you're very welcome to sign up our dojo session.

We're also actively looking for any language speaking mentors who may be able to accept international ninjas.

We accept RSVP via Connpass, one of event registration services.

If you have any question, concern or having difficulty signup at Connpass, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

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If you're having difficulty filling out and sending a form, please send an email to [at]
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We do not disclose any telephone number or address on the web.

CoderDojo Owari Champion lives and works in Iwakura, Aichi, Japan.